What is the Ground Clearance of a 2004 Dodge Viper?

Ground Clearance
2004 Dodge Viper
2004 Dodge Viper
Exterior length: 175.6; Exterior body width: 84.8; Exterior height: 47.6; Wheelbase: 98.8; Front Track: 61.6; Rear Track: 60.9; Turning Radius: 20.2; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2004 Chevrolet Corvette
Exterior length: 179.7; Exterior body width: 73.6; Exterior height: 47.7 - 47.8; Wheelbase: 104.5; Front Track: 61.9 - 62.4; Rear Track: 62.0 - 62.6; Turning Radius: 19.7 - 21.2; Ground Clearance: no data;
Ground Clearance: no data
2004 Porsche 911
Exterior length: 174.5 - 175.0; Exterior body width: 69.7 - 72.0; Exterior height: 50.2 - 51.4; Wheelbase: 92.5 - 92.7; Front Track: 57.7 - 58.9; Rear Track: 58.3 - 60.1; Turning Radius: 17.4; Ground Clearance: 4.3;
Ground Clearance: 4.3

Should you be fond of gambling cross-country like our crew, then you have probably been puzzled with the 2004 Dodge Viper ground clearance. The following tables were invented by our company for car fans much the same as you, who are looking for the ground clearance specs of definite 2004 Dodge Viper.

At the beginning, whereas trying to opt the ground clearance for your own 2004 Dodge Viper, it is suggested to decide which kind of pathless getaway you think out, considering that there is a literal contract between fine sand dunes and mountain peak roads, that require different 2004 Dodge Viper arrangements along with its separate minimal ground clearance. It will terminate the type of track or landscape that your car would cross over with no crevices on its bumpers, body and undercarriage elements.

Nonetheless, there are some more things that have impact on a 2004 Dodge Viper ground clearance for each and every car driver to chew over. A car`s approach angle shows the sharpest hillside on which your respective model can ape up without any harm, equal to rubbing the fore bumper against a crag. The second point whereas thinking up the ground clearance must be a departure angle for the reason that the smaller it is supposed to be the much more stab for your own automobile to hang up the rear bumper . One more additional factor to keep in mind may be a break-over position, that measures the interval between the front and back wheels of your 2004 Dodge Viper along with the auto`s most low-lying part. This aspect impacts on the most drastic section your car may traverse without high-centering.

Inclosing, when you wish to purchase a 2004 Dodge Viper, you are recommended to be sure as regards to the type of your automobile. As it is commonly known, sedans ordinarily have the lowest ground clearance, however ritzy versions can come with some impressive numbers. Hatchbacks are really great both for metropolis and casual journeys and these car`s ground clearance will certainly be decent for spontaneous cross-country journeys. SUVs are made to take you up to the most unanticipated locations by means of their wide base, tall stance, and, of course, the most significant ground clearance.